Winter Tyres – What are they and should I have them?

Winter Tyres - What's So Different?

They are constructed from a softer rubber to grip the road surface better in cold conditions. The tread pattern tends to be a bit chunkier and deeper than summer tyres, to accommodate water and clear snow more efficiently.

The tread blocks have narrow slits called sipes designed to aid the clearing of water. These features are fully explained on the Which website - Which- winter tyres.

Are they worth it in Tunbridge Wells?

Of course they are! What price your or someone else’s life? Also, when you have your winter tyres on you are not wearing out your summer ones. Just remember to swop them back in the spring and you'll find that having a second set really extends the time between changes. It also gives you the opprtunity to be ready for the changing season before it arrives.

Check your tread depth regularly

It's a sobering fact to learn that on a wet road stopping distance is increased by over 44% when tyres are worn down to 1.6mm (The legal limit).

RoSPA recommend that tyres are changed at 3mm as after this depth the stopping distance increases dramatically. Visit - Tyre tread depth to learn more. To compound the problem after a long dry period, wet roads are even more dangerous because of the build-up of oil and diesel deposits on the surface.

Our recommendation - Get your tyres checked today!

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